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Web Japan
  This site is a gateway of all Japanese information.
  Especially, I recommend the following pages to economists. Japan Information Network
  This site has a detailed knowledge of all aspects of Japan.

Japan Echo
  You can read essays, interviews, and discussions by noted commentators on topics of interest in Japan today.

Japan Economic Update
  This site offers brief online summaries of significant articles from Japanese economic magazines.

Japan Information Access Project

TOWNPAGE: Japan Telephone Directry (NTT Directory Services)

Economics Departments in Japan (Kyoto University)

Japanese Economists on the WWW (Prof. Shibata, Kyoto University)

Japanese Economic Association
  The Association has published Japanese Economic Review.

Prime Minister's Official Residence
  Do you know the Japanese Prime Minister?

The Reform of the Central Government
  The Central Government of Japan has been reorganized into 1 Cabinet Office, 10 Ministries, and 2 agencies as from 6 January 2001. Adding the Ministry of Deffence in January 2007, it has 1 Cabinet Office, 11 Ministries, and 1 agency now.

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