On "Non-Cooperative Game Theory" (Springer, 2015)

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Errata: first printing. (As of 2021/05/05)

Location Wrong Correct
Page 187, line 9 from the bottom two stages two stages of simultaneous-move stages with observable actions
Page 187, line 6-7 from the bottom Therefore, ... combinations. (Delete this sentence. A counter example is the pre-trial game in page 246 of Osborne and Rubinstein's book.)
Page 192, lines 3,4,6 from the bottom k(pn)+1 k(pn)-1
Page 192, line 3 from the bottom pn < bk(pn)-1 pn = bk(pn)-1
Page 193, line 11 pn > bn-1 pn ≥ bn-1

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