Past Seminars 2019

1. April 10,  "Beyond Nudges: Becoming a Better Choice Architect"
Eric J. Johnson (Columbia University)

2. April 10,  "Giving the Future A Chance"
Elke U. Weber (Princeton University)

3. June 12,  "Chinese-Indonesian Economic Activities: A Bibliographic Survey of the Recent Publications"
Didi Kwartanada (Yayasan Nation Building)

4. August 1,  "Identification at the Zero Lower Bound"
Sophocles Mavroeidis (
University of Oxford)

5. September 11,  "Secondary Employment, Inflation, and Aggregate Demand in an Agent-Based Model of the Japanese Macroeconomy"
Corrado Di Guilmi (
University of Technology Sydney)

6. September 16,  "Rethinking Millfs Stationary State"
Gregory Claeys (
University of London, Royal Holloway)

7. October 3,  "Bechdel at the Box Office: Gender Inequality and Cinema Success in 58 Countries"
Andrew Clark (
Paris School of Economics)

8. October 21,  "Behavioral Heterogeneity: Pareto Distributions of Preference or Risk Perception Scales and Aggregate Financial Choices"
Jean-Michel Grandmont (
École Polytechnique)

9. December 6,  "Metamorphosis: The Rice Boom, Environmental Transformation, and the Problem of Truncation in Colonial Lower Burma, 1850-1940"
Peter A. Coclanis (
The University of North Calorina at Chapel Hill)

10. December 12,  "Cream Skimming : Theory and Evidence from Hospital Transfers and Capacity Utilisation"@(joint work with Ou Yang, Marc Chan and Jongsay Yong)
Terence  Cheng (
University of Adelaide)

11. December 23,  "Core Convergence Theorems for Economies with Bads"@
Tomoki Inoue (
Meiji University)

12. January 9,  "The Crawler: Object (Re)allocation Problems when Preferences are Single-peaked"@
Yuki Tamura (
University of Rochester)

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