Past Seminars 2018

1. April 27,  "Do Renewable Portfolio Standards Affect Manufacturing Activity Through Higher Electricity Prices?"
Ron Shadbegian (US Environmental Protection Agency)

2. May  14,  "Is Soft News a Turn-Off? Evidences from Italian TV News Viewership" (joint work with V. Larcinese, R. Puglisi and J.M. Snyder,Jr.)
Marco  Gambaro (University of Milan)

3. June 1,  "The Superior Peer Improves Me: Evidence from Swimming Data"
Shoko Yamane (Kindai University)

4. June 4, "Trumpfs Three Arrows and U.S.-China Relations"
Quansheng Zhao (American University)

5. June 29, "Bank Lobbying as a Financial Safety Net: Evidence from the Post-Crisis U.S. Banking Sector"
Kentaro Asai (Australian National University)

6. July 25, "Investing in Managerial Honesty"
Alexander Wagner (University of Zurich)

7. July 27, "Speculative Investor Behavior and Indistinguishable Learning"
Xiangyu Qu (Wuhan University of Technology)

8. October 4, "Dynamic Endogenous Corruption"
Gareth  Myles (University of Adelaide)

9. December 3,  "Cardinal Utility Representation Separating Ambiguous Beliefs from Preferences"
Mayumi Horie (Hiroshima University of Economics)

10. January 9,  "Civility and Hostility in Parliamentary Politics"
Pedro Franco (Musashi University)

11. February 22, "On the Provision of Unemployment Insurance when Workers are Ex-ante Heterogeneous"
Ofer Setty (Tel Aviv University, The Eitan Berglas School of Economics)

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