Past Seminars 2017

1. May 1,  "Predictors of Care Costs and Caregiver Burden for Older Persons with Dementia in Taiwan"
Li-Jung  Ku (National Cheng Kung University)

2. May 10,  "Binary Contribution to a Discrete Public Good in a Large Population"
Tomoya Tajika (Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University)

3. June 9,  "A Theory of Federalism and the Anticommons"
Yong J. Yoon (George Mason University)

4. June 13,  "Household Finance in China"
Russell Cooper (Department of Economics, Pennsylvania State University)

5. June 21,  "Macro Labor Economics and Its Application to the Japanese Economy"
Hiroaki Miyamoto (International Monetary Fund)

6. July 14,  "Does Providing Informal Elderly Care Hasten Retirement? Evidence from Japan"
Yoko Nimi (Asian Growth Research Institute)

7. November 14,  "Economic Uncertainty in Japan: Some Evidence from Firm-Level Data"
Masayuki Morikawa (Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry)

8. November 16,  "Tort Law and the Nucleolus for Liability Problems"
Takayuki Oishi (Meisei University)

9. December 18,  "Islam and Neoliberal Capitalism through The Arab Spring"
Mahmoud El-Gamal (Rice University)

10. February 20,  "Risky Choices over Goods"
Patrick DeJamette (National Taiwan University)

11. March 10,  "Adam Smith, Luck, Vanity, the Invisible Hand, and Economic Growth"
Maria Pia Paganelli (Trinity University (U.S.A.))

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