Past Seminars 2015

1. April@9,  "Multiplier Theory and Public Goods: A Macroeconomics of the Mixed System"
Michihiro Ohyama( Keio University, Professor emeritus)

2. June 8,  " Existence of an Equilibrium for an Atomless Economy with Bads"
Tomoki Inoue( Meiji University)

3. July 31,  "Impact of Market Conditions on Payment for Forest-Based Carbon Sequestration"
Cho Seong-Hoon (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

4. October 23,  "Holes in the Dike: The Global Saving Glut, U.S. House Prices and the Long Shadow of Banking Deregulation"
Mathias Hoffmann (University of Zurich)

5. November 26,  "QE's Spill-Over to Emerging Asia: The Role of Macroprudential Policy and Institutions"
Ayako Saiki (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB)

6. December 22,  "Networks in Conflict: Theory and Evidence from the Great War of Africa"
Fabrizio Zilibotti (University of Zurich)

7. December 22,  "Observational Learning and Parental Influence"
@María Sáez Martí (University of Zurich)

8. December 24,  "The Home Market Effect and Patterns of Trade Between Rich and Poor Countries"
@Kimiori Matsuyama (Northwestern University)

9. January 19,  "Quantifying the Cost of Policy Uncertainty and the Cost of Delaying the Reform"
Sagiri Kitao (Keio University)

10. March 15,  "Marketmaking Middlemen"
Makoto Watanabe (VU University Amsterdam)

12. March 22,  "How do Tax Progressivity and Household Heterogeneity Affect Laffer Curves?" (joint work with Dirk Krueger and Serhiy Stepanchuk)
Hans A. Holter (University of Oslo)

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