Past Seminars 2013

1. April 6,  "Balancing Economic Growth : Some Challenges for Asia"
Euston  Quah (Nanyang Technological University)

2. April 12,  "Occupation, Retirement and Cognitive Functioning"
Kei  Sakata (Ritsumeikan University)

3. April 19,  "Deflation and Debt: A Neo Classical Framework for Monetary Policy Analysis"
Keiichiro  Kobayashi (Keio University)

4. April 23,  "Servant Leadership and Paternalistic Leadership Styles in the Turkish Business Context: A Comparative Empirical Study"
Hale  Oner (Koç University, Turkey)

5. April 26,  "Commitments in Marriage and Undersaving" (joint work with Wataru Kureishi)
Midori  Wakabayashi  (Tohoku University)

6. May 10,  "Fragile Debt and the Credible Sharing of Strategic Uncertainty"
Russell  Cooper (Pennsylvania State University)

7. May 10,  "Subjective Belief, External Information and Earthquake Insurance Purchase: Evidence from Japanese Post-Quake Data" (joint work with Takuya Ishino and Miki Seko)
Michio Naoi (Keio University)

8. May 16,  "Behavioral Approach to Repeated Games with Private Monitoring" (joint work with Hitoshi Matsushima, Tomohisa Toyama)
Tomomi Tanaka (Economic Development & Global Education, LLC)

9. May 17,  "Condition of Naive Diversification"
Ryoko Wada (Keai University)

10. May 17,  "Capability-Building Competition in the ASEAN Motorcycle Industry"
Kohei Mishima (Keio University)

11. May 24,  "Acquired Skill and Learned Ability: Wage Dynamics in Internal Labor Markets"
Masaki Nakabayashi (University of Tokyo)

12. May 28,  "Distance to Hazard: The Political Economy of an Urban  Environmental Policy"
Minoru Nakada (Nagoya University)

13. May 31,  "Working More at Older Ages: Exploring Responses to Changing Life Expectancy and Welfare Policy Reform"
Bob Gregory (Australian National University, College of Business & Economics)

14. May 31,  "Estimating Geographic Frictions on Interfirm Transactions"
Kentaro Nakajima (Tohoku University)

15. June 7,  "Microfinance and Dynamic Incentives"
Dmitry  Shapiro(The Belk College of Business, University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

16. June 14,  "Effects of Domestic Merger on Exports: The Case Study of the 1998 Korean  Automobiles"
Hiroshi Ohashi(University of Tokyo)

17. June 21, "Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound"
Miles  Kimball(University of Michigan)

18. June 25, "How Would Hedge Fund Regulation Affect Investor Behavior? Implication for Systemic Risk"
Naoki Wakamori(University of Mannheim)

19. June 28, "Directives, Expressives, and Motivation: A Cheap Talk Game Approach"
Toru Suzuki (University of Technology, Sydney)

20. June 28, "Optimal Income Taxation and Risk: The Extensive-Margin Case"
Motohiro Sato (Hitotsubashi University)

21. July 1, "Banking, Liquidity and Bank Runs in an Infinite Horizon Economy" (joint work with Mark Gertler)
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University)

22. July 3, "Marxian Optimal Growth Model with Money"
Yuuho Yamashita (Dokkyo University)

23. July 4, "Liquidity Traps and Monetary Policy: Managing a  Credit Crunch"
Juan Pablo Nicolini (Federal Reserve Bank of Menneapolis)

24. July 4, "Some People Never Learn, Rationally"
Andrew  McLennan (University of Queensland)

25. Sept 27, "Do Siblings Free-Ride in 'Being There' for Parents?" (joint work with Meliyanni Johar)
Shiko Maruyama (Australian School of Business, The University of New South Wales)

26. Sept 27, "Zero Lower Bound and Parameter Bias in an Estimated DSGE Model" (joint work with Atsushi Inoue)
Yasuo Hirose (Keio University)

27. October 4,  "The Determination of the Monetary Expression of Concrete Labor Time under the Inconvertible Credit Money Systemy"
Dong-Min Rieu(Chungnam National University)

28. October 4,  "Diverse Behavior Patterns in a Symmetric Society with Voluntary Partnerships"
Takako Greve(Keio University)

29. October 11,  "Normative Behavioral Economics Based on Unconditional Love and Moral Virtue" (joint work with Vipul Bhatt and Yuichi Yaguchi)
Masao Ogaki (Keio University)

30. October 11, "Willpower, Time Preference, and Cosumer Dynamics" (joint work with Takeshi Ojima)
Shinsuke Ikeda (Osaka University)

31. October 18, "Optimal Auctions and First-Price Auctions with Speculative Resale"
Harrison Cheng (University of Southern California)

32. October 18,  "Inference in Synthetic Control Approach: Generalization of Difference-in-Difference Estimation"
Sang Soo Park (Korea University)

33. October 25,  "Option Value of Work, Health Status, and Retirement Decisions: New Evidence from the Japanese Study on Aging and Retirement"
Satoshi Shimizutanai (Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office)

34. November 1,  "Better the Devil you Know: A Dynamic Duopoly Model with Switching Costs"
Maria Martin Rodriguez (Nagoya University)

35. November 6,  "Northeast Asian Economic and Geopolitical Relations with Regard to the US Hegemony"
Chung Kiyul (Tsinghua University)

36. November 8,  "Bertrand Competition under Network Externalities"
Masaki Aoyagi (Osaka University)

37. November 15,  "A Model of Two-Stage Electoral Competition"
Shino Takayama (University of Queensland)

38. November 15,  "Economic Revolution: Song China & England"
Ronald A. Edwards (Tamkang University)

39. November 29,  "Growth and Spatial Agglomeration in an Overlapping Generations Economy"(joint work with Daisuke Oyama)
Shota Fujishima (University of Tokyo)

40. December 6,  "Conditioning Variables in Program Evaluation Methods"
Hidehiko Ichimura(University of Tokyo)

41. December 13,  "Revisiting the Model of Credit Cycles with Good and Bad Projects"
Kiminori Matsuyama(Northwestern University)

42. December 20, "Are Food Safety Standards Barriers to Trade? Empirical Evidence"
Tsunehiro Otsuki (Osaka University)

43. January 17, "Measuring the Effect of Sorting by Migration on Regional Wage Disparities"
Ryosuke Okamoto (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

44. March 1, "An Empirical Analysis of Infrastructure Investment"
Masaki Nakahigashi (Nigata University)

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