Past Seminars 2012
1. April 6,  "Should Japanese Tax System be More Progressive?"
Shun-ichiro Bessho (Keio University)

2. April 12,  "The Effect of Tax Credit to Politically Distorted Allocations: A Theoretical Approach"
Ryo Ishida (Ministry of Finance, Policy Research Institute)

3. April 13,  "The Marxian Optimal Growth ModelFReproduction Scheme and General Law of Capitalist Accumulation"
Hiroshi Onishi(Keio University)

4. April 20,  "Childcare Access and Attaining Desirable Employment: The Case of Women with Preschool-Aged Children in Tokyo"
Mizuki Kawabata (Keio University)

5. April 27,  "Strategic Voting and the Case for the Political Race to the Top" (joint work with Yukihiro Nishimura)
Kimiko Terai (Keio University)

6. May 11,  "Expectation Formation Functions and Price Dynamics: An Application to the U.S. Hog Market"
Saang Joon Baak (Waseda University, Faculty of International Research & Education)

7. May 25,  "On Weighted Voting Experiments"
Naoki Watanabe (University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Systems and Information Enginnering)

8. June 1,  "Environmental Management Policy@under International Carbon Leakage" (joint work with Kazuharu Kiyono)
Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Economics)

9. June 5,  "The U.S. Labor Market: Slack Demand or Increased Structural Unemployment"
Daniel G. Sullivan (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)

10. June 8,  "Spousal Love and Children: An Economic Analysis" (joint work with Sankar Mukhopadhyay)
Shoshana Grossbard (San Diego State University, Department of Economics)

11. June 8, "Economic Dynamics under eHuman Development Aid'F Productive Consumption Externality and Indeterminacy of Equilibrium"
Ichiro Daito (Tohoku University, Department of International Economic Relations)

12. June15, "Effects of Universal Health Insurance on Health Care Utilization, Supply-Side Responses and Mortality Rates: Evidence from Japan"
Ayako Kondo (Hosei University, Faculty of Economics)

13. June 28, "GMM for Realized Volatility" (joint work with Shin Kanaya & Masaya Takano)
Taisuke Otsu (Yale University)

14. June 29, "Third Countries in International Trade"
Takatoshi Tabuchi (University of Tokyo, Department of Economics)

15. July 5,"Understanding the Effect of Communism on Social Preferences: Experimental Evidence with North Korean Refugees"
Byung-Yeon Kim (Seoul National University)

16. July 6,"Effort in Study and Income Inequality"
Hideki Nakamura (Osaka City University)

17. July 7,"The Halle Economic Projection Model@(DSGE Model)"
Oliver Holtmuller (Institute of World Economy at Halle)

18. July 13, "Longshot Bias in Parimutuel Markets: An Evolutionary Explanation" (joint work with Takahiro Watanabe)
Atsushi Kajii (Kyoto University, Institute of Economic Research)

19. July 20, "Purely Subjective Extended Bayesian Models with Knightian Unambiguity"
Xiangyu QU (Ohio State University)

20. July 20, "Downward-Sloping Term Structure of Lease Rates: A Puzzle" (joint work with Miki Seko and Kazuto Sumita)
Jiro Yoshida (Pennsylvania State University, Risk Management Department)

21. July 24, "Overconfidence in Jury Problem"
Toru Suzuki (University of Technology, Sydney)

22. September 28, "Guilt Aversion Revisited: An Experimental Test of a New Model"
Toshiji Kawagoe (Future University Hakodate,
Department of Complex and Intelligent Systems)

23. October 5, "Estimating the Effects of Pronatal Policies on Residential Choice and Fertility" (joint work with Ryuichi Tanaka)
Ryo Nakajima (Keio University,
Department of Economics)

24. October 6, " New Financing Method of Hometown Investment in Asia" (joint work with Naoyuki Yoshino)
Chalongphob Sussangkarn (President of Thailand Development Research Institute, Former Minister of Finance, Thailand

25. October 12, "Asset Bubbles and Bailout"
Tomohiro Hirano (University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics)

26. October 19, "Historical Development of Regional Differences in Womenfs Participation in Japan"
Yukiko Abe
(Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration)

27. October 26, "Fewer School Days, More Inequality"
Daiji Kawaguchi
(Hitotsubashi University, Department of Economics)

28. November 2,  "The Labor Market Effects of Introducing Unemployment Benefits in an Economy with High Informality"
Julen Esteban-Pretel
(National Graduate Institute for Policy)

29. November 8,  "Financial Market Structure and Central Clearing"
Robert Steigerwald
(Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)

30. November 9,  "International Trade and Income Inequality" (joint work with Hideo Konishi)
Taiji Furusawa
( Hitotsubashi University, Department of Economics)

31. November 10,  "The Zombification of the Economy: What Does Innovation and Growth Theory Tell Us"
Ulrich Blum
( Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg)

32. November 16,  "Welfare States and the Redistribution of Happiness"
Hiroshi Ono
( Texas A&M University, Department of Sociology)

33. November 28,  "Preferences over Pay Profiles: Evidence from a High-Quit Industry" (joint work with Steve Burks)
Andrew Clark
( Paris School of Economics)

34. November 29,  "Do People Adapt to Poverty? Evidence from the German SOEP" (joint work with Andrew E. Clark and Simone Ghislandi) Conchita DfAmbrosio( University of Milano-Bicocca)

35. November 30,  "Payoff Equivalance Theorem with Rich Type Space"
Hiroshi Tateishi
( Nagoya University , Department of Economics)

36. November 30,  "Identifying News Shocks with Forecast Data" (joint work with Takushi Kurozumi)
Yasuo Hirose
( Keio University , Department of Economics)

37. December 4,  "Japan's Climate Change Policies: History, New Stories, and Reasons Behind"
Yasuko Kameyama
( National Institute for Environmental Studies)

38. December 4,  "Constraints for Carbon/Energy Taxes in Spain"
Xavier Labandeira
( University of Vigo, Spain)

39. December 7,  "A Dynamic Mechanism Design with Intertemporal Complements and Long-Term Contracts"
Ryuji Sano
( Osaka University, Institute of Social and Economic Research)

40. December 7,  "Bootstrap Bias Correction for Functions of Integrated Variance"
Daisuke Nagakura
( Keio University, Department of Economics)

41. December 10,  "Currency Composition of External Debt and Exchange Rate"
Tamon Asonuma
( IMF, Economist)

42. December 14,  "Spread of Anti-Hegemonic Wars: From Peripheral Areas to the Heartland"
Keisuke Nakano (University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, College of Business and Economics)

43. December 14,  "Effects of Siblings and Birth Order on Income Redistribution Preferences"
Eiji Yamamura
(Seinan Gakuin University, Department of Economics)

44. December 18,  Identification and Counterfactuals in Dynamic Models of Market Entry and Exit
Junichi Suzuki
(University of Toronto)

45. December 21,  "Cultures, Worldviews, and Intergenerational Altruism"
(joint work with Kohei Kubota, Akiko Kamesaka, Masao Ogaki & Fumio Ohtake)
Masao Ogaki
(Keio University)

46. January 18,  "Incentives and Social Preferences in a Traditional Labor Contract: Evidence from Rice Planting Field Experiments in the Philippines" (joint work with Jun Goto, Takeshi Aida, and Keitaro Aoyagi)
Yasuyuki Sawada
(Tokyo University, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics)

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