Past Seminars 2011
1. April 6, "A Model of Two Party Representative Democracy: Endogenous Party Formation"
Katsuya Kobayashi (Hosei University)

2. April 15, "A State Space Approach to Estimating the Integrated Variance under the Existence of Market Microstructure Noise"
Daisuke Nagakura (Keio University)

3. April 15, "An Impartial Representation in Infinite Time Horizon"
Toyotaka Sakai (Keio University)

4. April 22, "Exchange Economies with Indivisibilities and Finitely Many Agents" (joint work with Marcus Berliant)
Tomomi Tanaka (Arizona State University)

5. April 22, "By a Silken Thread: Regional Banking Integration and Pathways to Financial Development in Japan's Great Recession"
Toshihiro Okubo (Keio University)

6. April 26, "World Economic Outlook"
John Walker (Oxford Economics, Chairman)

7. May 13, "Inter Vivos Health Transfers"
Shiko Maruyama (University of New South Wales, School of Economics)

8. May 20, "Evolutionary Implementation of Optimal Number and Size of Cities"
Shota Fujishima (Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Economics, Ph.D. Program)

9. May 27, "Labor Market Rigidities and Industrial Structures in a Global Economy" ( joint work with Noritaka Kudoh)
Daisuke Oyama ( University of Tokyo)

10. June 3, "Mechanism Design for Urban Heat Island"
Kimitoshi Sato ( Rikkyo University)

11. June 10, "Changes in the Federal Reserve Communication Strategy: A Structural Investigation"(joint work with Takushi Kurozumi)
Yasuo Hirose ( Keio University)

12. June 17, "Bayesian Analysis of Moment Condition Models Using Nonparametric Priors" (joint work with Yuichi Kitamura)
Taisuke Otsu ( Yale University, Department of Economics)

13. June 17, "Inefficient Municipal Boundaries:Evidence from Japan"
Erick Weese ( Yale University, Department of Economics)

14. June 24, "Import Variety and Skill Premium in a Calibrated General Equilibrium Model: The Case of Mexico" ( joint work with Manoj Atolia)
Yoshinori Kurokawa ( University of Tsukuba)

15. July 1, "Does Marriage Work as a Savings Commitment Device? :  Experimental Evidence from Vietnam"
Tomomi Tanaka ( Arizona State University, School of Politics and Global Studies)

16. July 8, "News Shocks, Price Levels, and Monetary Policy"
Ryo Jinnai ( Texas A&M University, Department of Economics)

17. July 16, "Empirical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Public Investment"
Masaki Nakahigashi  ( Niigata University)

18. July 28, "Nonlinearities in the Oil Price-industrial Production Relationship: Evidence from 18 OECD Countries" (joint work with Ana Maria Herrera & Latika Gupta Lagalo)
Tatsuma Wada (Wayne State University)

19. September 5, "Reminder Game: Persuading Forgetful Agents"
Toru Suzuki  (Max Plank Institute of Economics)

20. September 30, "Political Economy Field Experiments Become Possible"
Ron Harstad  (University of Missouri-Columubia, Department of Economics)

21. October 7, "Pseudo-Adversarialism"
Masatoshi Tsumagari (Keio University)

22. October 7, "Dynastic Politicians: Theory and Evidence from Japan"
Yasushi Asako (Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan)

23. October 14, "Neurobiological Evidence of Bounded Rationality in Strategic Thinking"
Colin F. Camerer (California Institute of Technology, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences)

24. October 21, "Behavioral Neuroeconomics of Temporal, Probability, and Social Discounting"
Taiki Takahashi (Hokkaido University)

25. October 28, "The Minimum Approval Mechanism Implements the Efficient Public Good Allocation Theoretically and Experimentally"
(joint work with Takehito Masuda, Yoshitaka Okano)
Tatsuyoshi Saijo (Institute of Social and Economic Research of Osaka University)

26. October 28, "Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict: Evidence from the Constraints of the Open-Economy Trilemma" (joint work with Peter Hull)
Masaami Imai (Wesleyan University, Department of Economics)

27. November 4, "The Neuroeconomics of Delay Discounting"
Saori Tanaka (Osaka University)

28. November 4, "Price Competition in the Spatial Real Estate Market: Allies or Rivals?"
Kazuto Sumita (Kanazawa Seiryo University)

29. November 11, "What Do You Think Would Make You Happier? What do You Think You Would Choose?"
Daniel J. Benjamin (Cornell University)

30. November 25, "Moral Hazard and Forbearance in Financial Regulation"
Lee, In Ho (Seoul National University)

31. November 25, "Comparative Impatience under Random Discounting: An Application to Demand for Money"
Norio Takeoka (Yokohama National University)

32. December 2, "Preference Order and Consumer Demand"
Fumimasa Hamada (Keio University, Emeritus Professor)

33. December 2, "Critical Comparisons between the Nash Noncooperative Theory and Rationalizability I: Parallel Characterizations"
Mamoru Kaneko (University of Tsukuba)

34. December 9, "(Dis)Honesty"
Dan Ariely (Duke University)

35. December 9, "Indirect Taxes for Redistribution: Should Necessity Goods be Favored?"
Robin Boadway (Queen’s University)

36. December 16, "Polarized America in Trade: The Border Effect Between the Red State and the Blue State"
(joint work with Hirokazu Ishise and Miwa Matsuo)
Hirokazu Ishise (Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan)

37. December 16, "Democratization under the Threat of Revolution: Evidence from the Great Reform Act of 1832"
(joint work with Toke Aidt)
Raphael Franck (Bar Ilan University)

38. December 19, "The Euro Bond Market under Current Euro Crisis"
Jean-Pierre Pinatton (French Bond Market Association)

39. January 6, "Measuring Economic Insecurity"
Conchita D'Ambrosio(Bocconi University)

40. January 6, "Winning Big but Feeling No Better? The Effect of Lottery Prizes on Physical and Mental Health"
Andrew Clark(Paris School of Economics)

41. January 13, "Knowledge Diversity in an Endogenous Growth Model: Path-Dependence, Sustainability, and Optimality"
Kiminori Matsuyama(Northwestern University)

42. January 13, "The Roles of Incentives and Voluntary Cooperation for Contractual Compliance"
Simon Gächter(University of Nottingham)

43. January 20, "International Allocation of Bubbles/Liquidities"
Masaya Sakuragawa(Keio University)

44. January 20, "Seeds of Distrust: Conflict in Uganda"
Fabrizio Zilibotti (University of Zurich)

45. January 28, "Minimum Capital Requirements, Bank Supervision and Special Resolution Schemes.
Consequences for Bank Risk-Taking"
Uwe Vollmer (Leipzig University)

46.March 7, "Assignment of Arrival Slots"
James Schummer (Northwestern University)

47.March 14, "Land Acquisition for Industrialization and Compensation of Displaced Farmers"
Dilip Mookherjee (Boston University)

48.March 24, "Commerce, Stages and Natural History in the Scottish Enlightenment"
Christopher Berry (University of Glasgow)

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