Past Seminars 2010 
1. April 8, "Industrial Relocation Policy and Heterogenous Plants Sorted by Productivity: Evidence form Japan"(joint work with Eiichi Tomiula)
Toshihiro Okubo(Kobe University)

2. April 9, "Resource Reallocation and Zombie Lending in Japan in the '90s"
Hyeog Ug Kwon (Nihon University)

3. April 16, "What Do International Asset Returns Imply About Consumption Risk-Sharing?"(joint work with Edith X. Liu)
Karen Lewis (Faculty & Research, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)

4. April 16, "New Keynesian Dynamics in a Low Interest Rate Environment"
Lena Koerber (German Institute for Economic Research)

5. April 30, "Do Investment-Specific Technological Changes Matter for Business Fluctuations? Evidence from Japan" (joint work with Takushi Kurozumi)
Yasuo Hirose (Keio University)

6. May 7, "Fiscal Policy Puzzles and Intratemporal Substitution among Private Consumption, Government Spending and Leisure"
Masataka Eguchi (Keio University)

7. May 14, "Cooperation: An Efficient Paradigm of European R&D Policy?"
Ulrich Blum (Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Halle Institute for Economic Research)

8. May 21, "An Experimental Study from the Perspective of Inductive Game Theory" (joint work with A. Takeuchi, Y. Funaki, J. J. Kline)"
Mamoru Kaneko (University of Tsukuba)

9. May 22, "Budget Deficits, Government Debt, and Interest Rates in Japan"
Keigo Kameda (Kwansei Gakuin University)

10. May 28, "Intangible Capital, Asset Prices, and Business Cycles"
Ryo Jinnai(Department of Economics,Texas A&M University)

11. May 31, "A Solution to Prisoner’s Dilemma:100% Cooperation in the Experiment with Approval Stage"
Tatsuyoshi Saijo (Osaka University)

12. June 4, "Sector-Specific Technical Change" (joint work with Susanto Basu, John Fernald and Jonas Fisher)
Miles Kimball (Department of Economics, University of Michigan)

13. June 8, "Portfolio Consideration of Automobile Purchases: Application to Japanese Market"
Naoki Wakamoril (Ph.D program, University of Pennsylvania)

14. June 11, "Simulation Analysis of the Incidence of Corporate Income Tax"
Takero Doi (Keio University)

15. June 11, "New Methods in the Classical Economics of Uncertainty: Comparing Risks" (joint work with Christian Gollier)
                      "New Methods in the Classical Economics of Uncertainty: Characterizing Utility Functions"(joint work with Christian Gollier)
Miles Kimball  (Department of Economics, University of Michigan)

16. June 18, "Is International Emission Trading Beneficial?" (joint work with Kazuharu Kiyono and Morihiro Yomogida)
Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi University)

17. June 25, "Committing the Uncommitted: ROSCA as a Saving Commitment Device for Sophisticated Hyperbolic Discounters"
Tomomi Tanaka (School of Global Studies, Arizona State University)

18. June 26, "Coice of Optimal Monetary Policy Instruments under the Floating and the Basket-peg Regimes" (joint work with Naoyuki Yoshino and Sahoko Kaji)
Tamon Asanuma (Boston University Ph.D program)

19. July 2, "Middlemen Margins and Globalization" (joint work with Pranab Bardhan and Dilip Mookherjee)
Masatoshi Tsumagari (Keio University)

20. July 9, "Random Paths to Competitive Equilibria in Assignment Markets"
Chen Bo (Southern Methodist University, Institute of Economic Research Kyoto University)

21. July 13, "Competitive Persuasion with Performance"
Tru Suzuki (Max Planck Institute of Economics)

22. July 23, "The Mirage of the Efficient City"
Sanford Ikeda (State University of New York)

23. July 29, "Competitive Effects of Means-tested School Vouchers"
David Figlio (Northwestern University)

24. September 7, "Frequentist Inference in Weakly Identified DSGE Models" (joint work with Pablo Guerron-Quintana & Lutz Kilian)
Atsushi Inoue (Visiting Professor, North Carolina State University)

25. September 24, "News Shocks and Costly Technology Adoption"
Yi-Chan Tsai (University of Tokyo)

26. October 1, "Towards a Belief-Based Theory of Repeated Games with Private Monitoring: An Application of POMDP"(joint work with I. Obara)
Michihiro Kandori (University of Tokyo)

27. October 8, "A Social Foundation of Nash Bargaining Solution with Endogenous Bargaining Protocols" (joint work with In-Koo Cho)
Akihiko Matsui  (University of Tokyo)

28. October 15, "Complementarity and Transition to Modern Economic Growth" (joint work with Yong Kim)
Hyeok Jeong (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

29. October 29, "Formal Contracts, Relational Contracts, and the Threat-Point Effect" (joint work with Hodaka Morita)
Hideshi Itoh (Hitotsubashi University)

30. November 5, "How an Export Boom affects Unemployment" (joint work with Gulasekaran Rajaguru)
Noel Gaston (Bond University)

31. November 26, "Stochastic Bargaining with Private Signals" (joint work with Yasutora Watanabe)
Makoto Hananozo (Nagoya University)

32. December 1, "Managing Marine Space: Roles of Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries Management"
Richard Kenchington (University of Wollongong)

33. December 3, "Crowding-out Effect in the Open Economy "
Pawel Mlodkowski (National Louis University)

34. December 10, "Menu-Dependent Self-Control" (joint work with Jawwad Noor)
Norio Takeoka (Yokohama National University)

35. December 17, "A Solution to Tax Evasion"
Wan Junmin (Fukuoka University)

36. December 18, "Changes in Central Bank Policy of Canada"
Yasuo Terashima (Bank of Canada)

37. January 7, "Is the 'Wonderland of No Spatial Dimension' the Ultimate Goal of Regional Science?: Culture and Diversity in Knowledge Creation" (joint work with Masahisa Fujita)
Marcus Berliant (Washington University of St. Louis)

38. January 7, "An International Comparison of Altruism and Bequest Motives"
Charles Yuji Horioka(Osaka University)

39. January 11, "The Same Face of the Two Smiths: Adam Smith and Vernon Smith"
Maria Pia Paganelli (Trinity University)

40. January 14, "Imperfect Credit Markets, Household Wealth Distribution, and Development"
Kiminori Matsuyama  (Northwestern University)

41. January 15, "The Scottish Enlightenment and Public Governance of the Economic System"
Maria Pia Paganelli (Trinity University)

42. January 15, "Is a Beautiful System Dying? A Possible Smithian Takes on the Financial Crisis and its Aftermath"
Maria Pia Paganelli (Trinity University)

43. January 21, "Divisor Apportionment Method and Generalized Entropy Based on Atkinson Social Welfare Function"
Junichiro Wada (Yokohama City University)

44. January 27, "Black and White Fertility, Differential Baby Booms: The Value of Civil Rights" (joint work with Curtis Simon and Kevin M. Murphy)
Robert Tamura (Clemson University)

45. February 1, "The China Tea Trade from the Perspective of Fujian: A Retrospective View"
Robert Gardella(U.S. Merchant Marine Academy)

46. February 1, "Indigenous Business in the Transition to a Colonial Economy: Some General Reflections"
Claude Markovits(Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociale)

47. February 1, "Indigenous Business in the Transition to a Colonial Economy: Some General Reflections"
Claude Markovits(Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociale)

48. February 3, "21st Century Regionalism"
Richard Baldwin(Graduate Institute, Geneva and CEPR)

49. February 4,  "A Characterization of Implementability of Allocation Rules: the Use of a Menu of Three-Part Tariffs"
Masahiro Watabe(Zirve University in Turkey)

50. February 24, "Income Comparisons, the Easterlin Paradox and Public Policy"
Andrew Clark (Paris School of Economics, Institute of Social and Economic Research of Osaka University)

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