Past Seminars 2009 

1. April 10,"Financial Incentives, Agency Problems, and the Choice of Generic Pharmaceuticals""
Toshiaki Iizuka (Keio University)

2. April 17,"Gender Salary Differences in Economics Departments in Japan"
Ana Takahashi (PhD Candidate, University of Utah)

3. April 24,"Measurement of Consumer Benefit of Competition in Retail Outlets"
Toshiyuki Matsuura(Keio University)

4. May 1,"Stability of Production Networks in East Asia: Duration and Survival of Trade"
Ayako Obashi(Keio University)

5. May 7,"International Business Cycle Accounting:The Case of Japan and U.S. 1980-2008"
Keisuke Otsu(Sophia University)

6. May 8,"Breaking 'The Curse of the Bambino': Behavioral Finance and Investor Mood in Boston (and Implications for Regulation)"
John Mirikitani(Temple University)

7. May 15,"Recent Applications of Effectivity Functions in Social Choice"
Bazalel Peleg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

8. May 22,"Optimal Executive Compensation and Investment Timing" (joint work with Hiroshi Osano)
Keiichi Hori (Ritsumeikan University)

9. May 28,"The Negishi Method in the History of General Equilibrium Theory"
Masahiro Kawamata (Hosei University)

10. May 29,"Land Use Regulation as a Barrier to Entry: Evidence from the Texas Lodging Industry"
Junichi Suzuki ( Dept. of Econ., University of Toronto)

11. June 5,"Poverty Traps with Local Allocation Tax Grants in Japan"
Takero Doi ( Keio University)

12. June 8,"Recovery from the World Financial Crisis"
Hirokazu Nakamura(Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking)

13. June 16,"Consumption Smoothing without Secondary Market for Small Durable Goods"
Michio Suzuki(Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan)

14. June 19,"Development Strategies for Developing East Asia: Production Networks and Industrial Agglomerations"
Fukunari Kimura

15. June 26,"Why Do Single People Live with Their Parents?"
Kei Sakata (Ritsumeikan University)

16. June 30,"How Can Minority Representation Be Ensured by Racial Redistricting?: A Theoretical Approach"
Keisuke Nakao (College of Business and Economics, University of Hawaii)

17. July 3,"Inferring Strategic Voting"
Yasutora Watanabe (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)

18. July 14,"Worker Effort, Search and Unemployment Fluctuations"
Norikazu Tawara (Kanto Gakuin University)

19. July 21,"After Lisbon: Productivity and Growth in Europe"
Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi University)

20. July 21,"Policy Coordination in Crisis and Post-Crisis Age"
Francesco Passarelli (Bocconi University)

21. July 21,"On the Crisis"
Syumpei Takemori(Keio University)

22. July 21,"Japan's Crisis in the 1990's and the Current Global Crisis"
Sahoko Kaji (Keio University)

23. July 28,"Real Effects of Price Stability  with Endogenous Nominal Indexation"(joint work with Cesaire A. Meh and Vincenzo Quadrini)
Yaz Terajima (Bank of Canada)

24. July 28, "How Important are Financial Shocks for the Canadian Business Cycle?"
Shinichi Nishiyama (Bank of Canada)

25. July 31, "Implementation of the Core in Two-Sided Matching with Substitutable Contracts"
Masahiro Watabe (Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Economics, Ph.D program)

26. August 7, "Governing the Resource: Scarcity-induced Institutional Change"
Nori Tarui (University of Hawaii)

27. September 25, "Prohibiting Sex or Prohibiting True Love? An Empirical Assessment of Effect of Statutory Rape Law on Teenage Marriage in Japan" (joint work with Hideo Akabayashi)
Akihito Toda (Works Institute,Recruit Co.)

28. October 2, "Firm Heterogeneity and Different Modes of Internationalization: Evidence form Japanese Firms"
Ryuhei Wakasugi (Institute of Economic Research of Kyoto University, Keio University)

29. October 3, "International Banking and Liquidity Allocation: Cross-border Financial Services versus Multinational Banking" (joint work with Diemo Dietrich)
Uwe Vollmer (University of Leipzig)

30. October 9, "Cooperation in Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma with  Outside Options" (joint work with Yosuke Yasuda)
Takako Greve (Keio University)

31. October 16, "Why Do We Tip Taxicab Drivers?"
D.J.Flath (Institute of Social and Economic Research of Osaka University)

32. October 23, "Technological Progress, On-the-Job Search, and Unemployment" (joint work with Yuya Takahashi)
Hiroaki Miyamoto (Graduate School of International Relations)

33. November 6, "Intergenerational Correlations of Skills"
Emiko Usui (Nagoya University)

34. November 13, "Choosing someone with Monetary Transfers: a Comprehensive Analysis"
Yuji Fujinaka (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

35. November 26, "An Alternative Decomposition Using a State Space Model with a Mixture of Normals"
Tatsuma Wada (Wayne State University)

36. November 27, "Using Grid Distributions to Test for Affiliation in Models of First-Price Auctions with Private Values" (joint work with Luciano I. de Castro)
Harry J. Paarsh  (University of Melbourne)

37. December 3, "Free and Able to Choose: Evidence from Medicare Part D”
Eugenio Miravette  (University of Texas at Austin)

38. December 4, "A Hicksian Trade Cycle Model with Jevon's Law"
Fumio Hamada  ( Keio University)

39. December 7, "British Commercial Networks in Southeast Asia, 1800-1868:The Transition from Mercantilism to the Age of Free Trade"
Anthony Webster (Liverpool John Moores University)

40. December 11, "Is the Truth-Telling Equilibrium Salient?: An Experiment on Direct Nash Implementation"
Takuma Wakayama (Ryukoku University)

41. December 18, "Solving the Noah’s Ark Problem to Preserve Biodiversity"
Kimitoshi Satou (Rikkyo University)

42. January 7, "Current Developments in Eu Taxation:Practical Implications and Tax Planning Opportunities"
Gerhard Kraft (University of Halle)

43. January 8, "News Effects on High Frequency Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate and its Volatility Behavior"
Kimie Harada (Chuo University, Graduate School of International Accounting)

44. January 15, "Changes in Main Bank Rescues during the Lost Decade: An Analysis of Corporate Restructuring in Japan, 1981-2007"
Takeo Hoshi  (University of California, San Diego)

45. January 19, "Partially Binding Platforms and the Advantages of Being an Extreme Candidate"
Yasushi Asako (Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan)

46. March 11, "Private Education Provision and Public Finance: The Netherlands"
Harry Patrinos (World Bank)

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