Past Seminars 2008 

1. April 18 ,"Attrition Bias in Longitudinal Survey: A Validation Study with Interviewer's Record of Respondent Mobility"
Michio Naoi (Keio University)

2. April 25 ,"The Evolution of Cooperation and Punishment"
Mayuko Nakamaru (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

3. May 2 ,"Rethinking Earthquake Risk: Why So Many Households in Japan Do Not Purchase Earthquake Insurance"
(Joint work with Michio Naoi, Kazuto Sumita)
Miki Seko

4. May 9 ,"Manufacturing Plant's Use of Temporary Workers: An Anlysis using Census Micro Data"
Yukako Ono (Federal Reserve Bank of  Chicago)

5. May 10 ,"Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models under Krugman's Liquidity Trap and Self-organizing State Space Modeling"
Koichi Yano (Cabinet Office, Government of Japan)

6. May 16, "Survey on the topic how Pre-War Japanese decided immigration spot"
Kenji Kimura (Visiting Professor,Shimonoseki City Universtiy)

7. May 16, "The Economics of Citation"
Jeong-Yoo Kim (Kyung Hee Universtiy)

8. May 23, "Economics of Self-Feeding Fear" (joint work with Kiyohiko G. Nishimura)
Hiroyuki Ozaki (Keio Universtiy)

9. May 30, "The Ten Commandments for Optimizing Value-at-Risk"
Michael McAleer (University of  Western Australia)

10. June 5, "Decisiveness"
Junichiro Ishida (Osaka University)

11. June 6, "The Effectiveness of New Job Security Measure for the Older Employees in Japan"
Atsuhiro Yamada (Keio University)

12. June 20, "Biohazards and Health Risks due to Urban Heat Island"
Kimitoshi Sato (Rikkyo University, Heat Island Institute International)

13. June 20, "Surplus and Information in a Firm's Make-or-Buy Decision"
Ingela Alger (Carleton University)

14. June 27, "The Korean Ethnic Economy in Japan and related issues"
Han Jaehyang (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

15. June 27, "Price Continuation of Weekly Portfolio Returns in Japan" (joint work with Kenichi Kubota & Toshifumi Tokunaga)
Kenji Wadar (Keio University)

16. July 4, "Dynamic Analysis on Incidence of Corporation Income Tax"
Takero Doi (Keio University)

17. July 15, "Secret Contracts for Efficient Partnerships"
Ichiro Obara (University of Minnesota)

18. July 18, Child Maltreatment, Family Characteristics, and Educational Attainment: Evidence from Add Health Data"
  (joint work with Fang, Xiangming)
Nori Tarui (Keio University)

19. August 26, "Information Aggregation in Prediction Markets"
  (joint work with Peter N. Sorensen)
Marco Ottaviani (Northwestern University)

20. September 26, "The Strategic Cores Alfa, Beta, Gamma, and Delta \Coalitional Cournot, and Stackelberg Equilibria|"(joint work with T.Harada)
Mikio Nakayama

21. October 3, "From Duty to Right: The Role of Public Education in the Transition to Aging Societies"(joint work with Masao Nakagawa)
Yoshiaki Sugimoto(Osaka University)

22. October 3, "Fiscal Competition in Space and Time: An Endogenous-Growth Approach"
(joint work with Daniel Becker)
Michael Rauscher(Rostock University)

23. October 7, "Comparison between Nash Equilbrium and Bargaining Solution based on the Integrated Simulation Model for Climate Change"
Toyoaki Washida (Sophia University)

24. October 7, "A Life-Cycle Model of Entrepreneurial Choice: Understanding Entry into and Exit from Self-Employment"
Takanori Adachi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

25. October 7, "Concentration, Separation, and Dispersion: Economic Geography and the Environment"
Michael Rauscher(Rostock University)

26. <Keio University 150th Anniversary Lecture>
October 10, "Globalization and the Environment"
Michael Rauscher(Rostock University)

27. October 10, "Collective Rights Organizations and Upstream R&D Investment"(joint work with Aaron Schiff)
Reiko Aoki((Hitotsubashi University)

28. October 17, "Axiomatization and Implementation of Alpha-discounted Shapley Values"
Yukihiko Funaki(Waseda University)

29. October 24, "Earthquake Risk and Housing Prices in Japan: Evidence Before and After Massive Earthquakes"(joint work with Miki Seko, and Kazuto Sumita)
Michio Naoi(Keio University)

30. October 31, "The Strategic Bequest Motives of Husbands' Parents and Wives' Parents" (joint work with Midori Wakabayashi)
Wataru Kureishi(Ritsumeikan University )

31. November 4,, "Optimal Sharing Rules in Repeated Partnerships"(joint work with Hajime Kobayashi & Tadashi Sekiguchi)
Katsunori Ohta(Wakayama University)

32. November 14,, "Collusive Behaviors under a Leniency Program" (joint work with Daisuke Shimizu)
Ikuo Ishibashi(Aoyama Gakuin University)

33. November 28, "Indirect Reciprocity with Punishment"
Hisashi Otsuki(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

34. December 5, "Firm Heterogeneity, Financial Imperfection and International Trade"
Taiji Furusawa (Hitotsubashi University)

35. December 5, "Health and the Work Decisions for the Japanese Older Men"
Shinya Kajitani (Meisei University)

36. December 11, "Imposed efficiency of the Treaty Port:-Japanese Industrialization and the Western imperialist institutions"
Masaki Nakabayashi (University of Tokyo)

37. December 11, "The Formation of an efficient market in Tokugawa Japan"
Yasuo Takatsuki(University of Tokyo)

38. December 12, "Copula-based Semiparametric Modeling of Intergenerational Earnings Mobility"
Shigeki Kano(Osaka Prefecture University)

39. December 19, "Asymptotic Equivalence of Probabilistic Serial and Random Priority Mechanisms"ijoint work with Yeon-Koo Chej
Fuhito Kojima (Yale University)

40. January 8, "Medium-term Prospects for Fiscal Consolidation and Social Security Expenditure in Japan"
Nobutoshi Kitaura (Ministry of finance Japan)

41.January 9, "Sovereign Default and Negotiation: Recovery Rates, Interest Rate Spreads and Credit History"
Tamon Asanuma (Boston University, Ph.D program)

42.January 15, "Capitulations and Commercial Treaties of the Ottoman Empire in the Eighteenth Century"
Masako Matsui (Keio University)

43.January 15, "Debates on 'Naichi Zakkyo' in Japan"
Naoto Kagotani (Kyoto University)

44.January 16, "Optimal Pricing and Quality Choice of a Monopolist under Knightian Uncertainty"(joint work with Akihisa Shibata)
Takao Asano (Toyo University)

45.March 20, "The Nature of Human Nature in the Thought of Adam Smith"
Christopher Berry (University of Glasgow)

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