Past Seminars 2007  

1. May 11 ,"Who Suffered from the Superstition in the Marriage Market? The Case of Hinoeuma in Japan"
Hideo Akabayashi (Keio University)

2. May 18 ,"Residential Mobility and Panel Attrition: Using the Interview Process as Identifying Instruments"
Miki Seko (Keio University)

3. May 22 ,"Multiplicity and Sensitivity of Stochastically Stable Equilibria in Coordination Games"
Toshimasa Maruta (Advanced Research Institute for the Sciences and Humanities(ARISH), Nihon University)

4. May 25 ,"Mechanism Design with Costly Communication: Implications for Decentralization" (joint work with Dilip Mookherjee)
Masatoshi Tsumagari (Keio University)

5. June 5 ,"Cyclical Behavior of an Equilibrium Unemployment Model with Capital"
Hiroaki Miyamoto (University of Wisconsin-Madison, ph.D program)

6. June 8 ,"Trade and Variety-Skill Complementarity"
Yoshinori Kurokawa (University of Minnesota, Department of Economics, ph.D program)

7. June 15,"How Long Should We Stay in Education If Ability is Screend?"
Takashi Oshio (Kobe University)

8. June 22,"Measuring the Firm-Specific Productivities"
"An Empirical Analysis of Firm-Specific Productivities"
Yoko Konishi (Hitotsubashi University)

9. June 29,"A New Method for Estimating Integrated Volatility with Noisy Realized Volatility"
Manabu Asai (Soka University)

10. July 3,"Knowledge Creation as a Square Dance on the Hilbert Cube"
Marcus Berliant (University of Washington)

11. July 6,"Assessing the Effect of the Yardstick Inspection System in Japanese Gas Industry"
Ayako Suzuki (Osaka University)

12. July 6,"Cooperation on Climate-Change Mitigation"
Nori Tarui (University of Hawaii)

13. July 20,"Productivity and the Decision to Import and Export: Theory and Evidence"
Hiroyuki Kasahara (The University of Western Ontario, Department or Economics)

14. September 28,"The Political Economy of Policy  Reform in Southeast Asia"
Hal Hill (The Australian National University)

15. September 29,"Japan's Monetary Policy Transition, 1955-2006"
James Rhodes (Graduate Research Institute of Policy Studies)

16. October 5,"Taxing the Stork" (joint work with Midori Wakabayashi)
Wataru Kureishi(Osaka University)

17. October 12,"Is Group Lending A Good Enforcement Scheme for  Achieving High Repayment Rates? Evidence from  Framed  Field  Experiments  in Vietnam"
Hisaki Kono (Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization)

18. October 19,"Program evaluation with continuous treatment under monotonicity restriction"
Hidehiko Ichimura (The University of Tokyo)

19. October 23,"Modelling synchronized reproduction in plant populations and synchronized tree harvest in human populations"
Akiko Satake (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology)

20. November  2,"Technology Shocks and Asset Price Dynamics: The Role of Housing in General Equilibrium"
Jiro Yoshida (The University of Tokyo)

21. November 9,"The Optimality of Delegation under Imperfect Commitment"
Fumitoshi Moriya (Hitotsubashi University)

22. November 16,"Reconsidering Free Entry of Vacancies: A DMP Model with Fixed Entry Costs"
Norikazu Tawara (Nihon University)

23. November 30,"The Theory of Collusion under Financial Constraints"
Yosuke Yasuda (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

24. December 7,"The Optimal Degree of Commitment in a Tax Policy"
Yusuke Kinai (Osaka University)

25. December 11,"A Simulation Study of Learning: Mike's Bike Commuting"(joint paper with E. Akiyama, R. Ishikawa and J. J. Kline)
Mamoru Kaneko (University of Tsukuba)

26. December 20,"Shotgun Weddings and Subsequent Life Outcomes"
James Raymo(University of Wisconsin)

27. January 11,"Vulnerability of Microfinance to Covariate Shocks and Strategic Default: Evidence from Pakistan"
(joint work with Hidayat Ullah Khan)
Takashi Kurosaki(Hitotsubashi University)

28. March 1,"Labor  Mobilization and Its Macro Impact"
Joel Hernandez (University of the Philippines, Keio University Visiting Associate Professor)

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