Past Seminars 2006  April~

1. April 10 ,"Discounting and Relative Prices in Assessing Future Environmental Damage"
Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)

2. April 21,"The Evolution of Income Concentration in Japan, 1885-2002: Evidence from Income Tax Statistics"
Chiaki Moriguchi (Northwestern University)

3. April 28,"Barriers to Residential Mobility in Japan: Negative Housing Equity and the Rental Act" (joint work with Kazuto Sumita)
Miki Seko (Keio University)

4. May 11,"Comovement of HK Estates  Before and After Crises" 
Charles Leung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

5. May 12,"Housing and the External Finance of Business Investment: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis" 
Charles Leung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

6. May 19,"Speed Money" 
Amal Sanyal (Lincoln University, Department of Economics (New Zealand))

7. May 26,"Lp-Projections of Random Variables and its Application to Finance" 
Takuji Arai (Keio University)

8. June 2,"Lexicographic Expected Utility with a Subjective State Space" 
Youichiro Higashi (University of Rochester, Department of Economics)

9. June 9,"Foreign Central Bank Holdings of US "Federal Agency" Debt and the Dynamics of Conjectural Guarantees
Ellis W. Tallman (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Research Department )

10. June 14,"Economic Modernization and its Influence to Aceh Farmers and its Institution" 
Darusman Rusin (Syiah Kuala University )

11. June 16,"Revisiting the Revisited: An Alternative Test for Monopolistic Competition Model of International Trade
Isao Kamata (University of Michigan, Department of Economics )

12. June 17,"Forging Ahead, Falling Behind: Models of Capitalism in Historical Perspective
William R. Garside (University of Otago)

13. June 23,"Large Deviation Optimal Moment Selection Based on Empirical Likelihood
Taisuke Otsu (Yale University, Department of Economics)

14. June 30,"The Irregular Workers Wage Penalty in Japan
Koyo Miyoshi (Keio University, 21COE  Project)

15. July 7,"Unemployment Risk and the Timing of Homeownership: Evidence from Retrospective Panel Data in Japan" (joint work with Yoko Moriizumi)
Michio Naoi (Keio University)

16. July 11,"The Great Reversal: Two Decades of Rising Income Inequality in Urban China" 
Feng Wang (University of California, Irvine)

17. July 11,"Rational Choice on General Domains" (joint work with Walter Bossert)
Kotaro Suzumura (Hitotsubashi University)

18. July 14,"Geography of Family in Japan
Midori Wakabayashi (Osaka Prefecture University)

19. July 15,"History of Liberalism in Europe
Philippe Nemo (ESCP-EAP)

20. July 28,"The Determinants of Individuals' Attitudes Towards Preventing Environmental Damage" (joint work with Benno Torgler)
Maria Garcia-Valinãs (University of Oveido, Spain)

21. September 29,"Potential Methods in a Core-Periphery Model with Forward-Looking Expectations"
Daisuke Oyama (Hitotsubashi University)

22. October 6,"A Theory of Endogenous Yardstick Political Competition"
Zhihao YU (Osaka University)

21. October 10,"A Study on Japan's Pachinko industry: what role has the Korean-Japanese-owned business played in the history of the pachinko industry?"
Han Jaehyang (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

22. October 11,"The U.S. Information Technology Revolution and Its Impact on U.S Economy and Beyond"
John Riew (The Pennsylvania State University)

Michael McAleer (School of Economics and Commerce,University of Western Australia)

24. October 13,"The Optimal Amount of Falsified Testimony"
Winand Emons(University of Bern)

25. October 20,"Stability of Nash Equilibrium in the Private Provision of Public Goods"
Toyoaki Washida(Sophia University)

26. October 26,"How Sound are the Foundations of the Aggregate Production Function?"
John McCombie (Downing College, Cambridge)

27. November 10,"Real Exchange Rates and the Properties of the Variance of k - differences when k  is Close to the Sample Size"
Masao Ogaki (The Ohio State University)

28. November 10,"The Determinants of Household Saving in China: A Dynamic Panel Analysis of Provincial Data"
Wan Junmin (Osaka University)

29. December 1,"The Downside of the Reputation Mechanism: Umbrella Punishment in a Financial Market"
  (joint work with Henrich R. Greve and Stefan Jonsson)
Takako Greve (Keio University)

30. December 8,"How Well Do We Understand Japan's Post-War Economic Development?"
William Garside (University of Otago)

31. December 8,"Depositors' Discipline by Households and Revisions of the Deposit Insurance System: Evidence from Japanese Household Data"
Shizuka Sekita(Osaka University)

32. December 15,"An Experimental Analysis of Attitude toward Imprecise Information"(joint work with Hayashi, Takashi)
Ryoko Wada (Keiai University)

33. December 22,"Uninsurable Risk, Equity Premium and Currency Premium"(joint work with Parantap Basu & Andrei Semenov)
Kenji Wada (Keio University)

34. January 12,"Trade Imbalances and Competition Policy Games"(joint work with Yano, Makoto)
Takakazu Honryo (Columbia University, Faculty of Economics)

35. January 19,"Welfare Gains and Losses in Sunspot  Equilibria"
Atsushi Kajii (Kyoto University)

36. March 28,"Thomas Tooke on Bullionist Controversies"
Matthew Smith (University of Sydney)

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