Past Seminars 2003 April~

1. April 18 ,"Aggregate Effects of School Choice on Educational Attainment : Evidence from Japanese High School Panel Data"
Hideo Akabayashi
(Keio University)

2. May 9,"Trouble in Paradise-The Japanese Underwriting Market"
Colin Mckenzie
(Keio University)

3. May 16,"Illiquid Securities and Time Inconsistent Preferences"
Takashi Komatsubara
(Keio University)

4. May 23,  "How is the Vertical Specialization of Japanese Firms Affected by Regional Conditions in China?"
Ryuhei Wakasugi (Yokohama National University)

5.  May 27, "Bidders' Discount and Target Premia in Takeovers" (joint with Boyan Jovanovic)
Serguei Braguinsky (State University of New York at Buffalo)

6. May 30,  "Does Private-Public Competition Affect the College Tuition?: Evidence from Japanese College Level Data" 
Michio Naoi (Keio University)

7. June 4,  "State Capacity and National Competitiveness: Lessons from Britain and Japan since 1945" 
W.R.Garside (University of Otago, New Zealand)

8. June 6,  "Convergence of a Short-Run Equilibrium to a Long-Run Equilibrium in an Emission Right Scheme" 
Eiji Hosoda (Keio University)

9. June 11,  "The Political Economy of Modernization in East Asia and the Middle East: The Case of Japan, Korea, and Egypt" 
Khairy Tourk (Illinois Institute of Technology, Stuart Graduate School of Business)

10.June 13  "Externalities Do Not Necessarily Require Larger Size of Message Spaces for Realizing Pareto-Efficient Allocations" 
Hiroaki Oasana (Keio University)

11. June 20,  "Estimating how Omitted Variables Change the Effectiveness of Japanese Fiscal Policy:1980-2001" 
Jonathan Leightner (Augusta State University)

12. June 27,  "Bank's Disclosure and Resource Allocation
Yasuo Maeda (Keio University)

13. July 4,  "Partial Privatization in Mixed Oligopoly with Price and Quality Competition" (with T.Kaneko)
Koji Ishibashi(Keio University)

14. July 8,  "Global Stability Conditions on the Plane" 
Anjan  Mukherji (Jawaharlal Nehru  University)

15. July  8,  "Strategic Information Transmission and Organization" 
Kazumi Hori (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

16. July 11,  "Microeconomic Foundation of LLR in the Viewpoint  of Settlement" (with Yasuo Maeda)
Yoshikiyo Sakai (Yokohama City University)

17. July 12,  "Population, Famines, and War in Medieval Japan,1150-1600" 
William W.Farris (The University of Tennessee)

18. July 15  "A Model of Job and Worker Flows" (joint work with Ricardo Lagos(NYU))
 Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (London School of Economics)

17. July 25,  "Diversity and Productivity in Teams" 
 Hideo Owan (John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University in St.Louis)

18. August 27, "Risk Communication of Infectious Diseases: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives"
Yang Haiou (University of California, Irvine)

19. September 26,  "Demand and Supply of Medical Care Services under the Elderly Health Care System"
Atsushi Yoshida (University of Tsukuba)

20. October 7, "Information Technology Revolution and the U.S. Economy of the Nineties"
 John Riew (Pennsylvania State University)

21. October 10,  "Japanese Housing Tenure Choice including Owned Houses with Fixed Leased Land"
Miki Seko (Keio University)

22. October  11,  "Prevention and Resolution of Sovereign Debt Crisis"
Richard Portes (London Business School)

23. October 14, "Economics and Identity"
 George A. Akerlof (University of California, Berkeley)

24. October  17,  "Spillovers of R&D and Innovation Diversity in Japan"
 Sumiko Takaoka  (Kyoto University)

25. October 24, "Effects of the Bank of Japan's Intervention on Yen/Dollar Exchange"(joint with Watabe, Toshiaki)
Kimie Harada (Daito Bunka University)

26. October  31,  "A New Approach to Repeated Games"
Harrison Cheng (University of Southern California)

27. November 7, "A Note on the Lucas Model: Iterated Expectations and the Neutrality of Money"
Takashi Ui  (Yokohama National University)

28. November 11,  "Work and Health at Older Ages in Japan"
James M. Raymo (The University of Wisconsin- Madison)

29.November  14,,  "Producer Services, Trade and Wages"
Morihiro Yomogida (Hitotsubashi University)

30. November 28, "Solving Nonlinear Rational Expectations Models by Eigenvalue-Eigenvector Decompositions" (with Emilio Dominguez, Javier Perez, and Jesus Ruiz)
Alfonso Novales (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

31.  December 5,  "Market Concentration, Efficiency and Quality in Japanese Home Help Industry" (with Wataru Suzuki)
Zhou Yanfei (Osaka University)

32.December  6,  "Context and its Relevance for Adam Smith's Theological and Teleological Views"
James Alvey (Massey University)

33.  December 12,  "Punishment Strategies Make the Alpha Characteristic Functions Ordinal Convex and Balanced" 
Takuya Masuzawa (Keio University)

34.December  18,  "On the Existence of Equivalent Tariff Vectors-when the Status Quo Matters" (joint with Murray Kemp)
Henry Wan (Cornell University)

35.December 19,  "The Economics of Number Portability: Switching Costs and Two-Part Tariffs" (joint with John Small)
Reiko Aoki (Hitotsubashi University)

36.January 9,  "Retirement Saving and Retirement Behavior in Japan" (joint with Megumi Okui)
Charles Yuji Horioka (Osaka University)

37.January 16,  "Rich Periphery, Poor Center: Myanmar's Rural Economy under Partial Transition to Market Economy" 
Takashi Kurosaki (Hitotsubashi University)

38.January 30,  "Strategic Analysis of Petty Corruption, T:Entrepreneurs and Bureaucrats" 
Mukul Majumdar (Cornell University)

39.January 31,  "Environmental Protection, Trade and Growth in the Dual Economy: Piecemeal Policy Reforms in a Small Open Economy" 
Ichiro Daito (Tohoku University)

40.February 13,  "Prudential Regulation, the 'Credit Crunch' and the Ineffectiveness of Monetary Policy: Evidence from Japan" & "Availability of Firms' Information and Their Choice of External Credit: Evidence from the Data of Small Firms" 
Wako Watanabe (Osaka University)

41. March 2,  "Reflections on Gains and Losses: A 2 x 2 x 7 Experiment"
Joaquim Silvestre (University of California, Davis)

42. March 8,  "Empirical Likelihood for Quantile Regression" 
Taisuke Otsu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

43. March 10,  "The Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle: A Monte Carlo Study" 
Guglielmo Caporale (London Metropolitan University)


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