Past Seminars 2002 April~

1.May 14 ,"Continuity and Change in History: the Case of England and Japan"
Penny Corfield (University of London)

2.May 16, "Business and the Family Economy in Early Modern England: A Case Study"
Pamela Sharpe (University of Western Australia)

3.May 17, "The Relation Between Implementability and the Core"
Eiichi Miyagawa (Columbia University, Kobe University)

4.May 17, "Invention and Innovation"
Walter Oi (Rochester University)

5.May 20, "Workholics and the Trend to Long Hours"
Walter Oi (Rochester University)

6.May 24, "Temporary Increases in Tariffs and Machine Replacement: The Chilean Experience 1980-1996"
Hiroyuki Kasahara (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

7. May 31, "Financial Institutions for Medium Size and Small Businesses and Regional Characteristics"
Naoyuki Yoshino (Keio University)

8. May 31, "Existence of Social Ordering Functions which Embody Procedural Values and Consequential Values"
Naoki Yoshihara (Hitotsubashi University)

9. June 7, "Research, Development, and Economic Growth"
Taro Akiyama (Yokohama National University)

10. June 13, "The Massacres of Civilians in Italy,1944: A Divided Memory"
Giovanni Contini Bonacossi (The University of Tokyo)

11. June 14, "Rationing Hyperbolic Preference without Uncertainty"
Ryoko Wada (Keiai University)

12. June 18, "Public Rationing and Private Cost Incentives"
 Ching-to Albert Ma (Boston University)

13. June 21, "Does Bigness Always Pay? A Paradoxical Tale of Human Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth"
Akiomi Kitagawa (Yokohama City University)

14. June 28, "Capital Flight, North-South Lending, and Stages of Economic Development"
Masaya Sakuragawa (Nagoya City University)

15. July 5, "On the Libertarian Assignment of Individual Rights"
Kotaro Suzumura (Hitotsubashi University)

16. July 9,  "The Distortionary Effects of Inflation : An Empirical Investigation"
Masao Ogaki (Ohio State University)

17.  July 12, "The Market for Liars:Reputaion and Honesty"
Andrew McLennan (University of Minnesota)

18. September 27, "Job Flows and Unemployment in Equilibrium Unemployment Model with Firm-Specific Skill Training"(joint with Hiroaki Miyamoto)
Yoshimasa Shirai (Keio University)

19. October 4,  "Writing Academic Papers for International Journals"
 Atsushi Maki (Keio University)

20.  October 11, "Organisational Inertia in the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Crisis in Japan"
Takaharu Eto (The Australian National University)

21.  October 18, "Bayesian Potentials and Information Structures: Team Decision Problems Revisited"
Takashi Ui (Yokohama National University)

22. October 24, "Optimal Monetary Policy When Interest Rates are Bounded at Zero"
Shinichi Nishiyama (Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan)

23. October 25, "Free Trade Networks" (with H. Konishi)
Taiji Furusawa (Yokohama National University)

24. November 1, "Pattern of Trade and Indeterminacy" 
Takumi Naitoh (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

25. November 12, "Comparative Statics in Rental Housing Markets with Indivisibilities" 
Mamoru Kaneko (University of Tsukuba)

26.November 15, "A Two-Country Model of International Trade with Imperfect Competition and Increasing Returns
Koji Shimomura (Kobe University)

27.November 29,  "Stochastic Stability of Group Formation in Collective Action Games" (joint with Akira Okada)
Toshimasa Maruta (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

28.December 6,"Luxury and Wealth" 
Shinsuke Ikeda (Osaka University)

29.December 13,"Empirical Analysis of the Digital Divide
Takuo Imagawa  (Osaka University)

30. December 20, "Effective Demand and National Income: A Micro Economics of the IS-LM Analysis" 
Michihiro Ohyama (Keio University)

31. January 7, "Interaction Between Product and Process Innovation and Economic Growth" 
Yuichi Furukawa (Yokohama National University)

32. January 17, "Credit Crunch and Household Welfare:The Case of Korean Financial Crisis" (with Sung Jin Kang)
Yasuyuki Sawada (The University of Tokyo)

33. March 11, "Bertrand Price Competition and the Competitive Outcome" 
Makoto Yano (Keio University)

34. March 18, "The Economic Consequences of Immigration: The American  Case in Historical Perspective"
Richard Sutch (University of California, Riverside)

35. March 18, "The Twenty - Century Women's Liberation Movement"
Susan Carter (University of California, Riverside)

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