Past Seminars 2001 April~

1. April 13, "Top Dogs, Puppy Dogs and Tax Holidays"
Yuka Ohno, Rice University

2. April 20, "Delegated Management and Contract Intermediation"
Masatoshi Tsumagari, Keio University

3. April 27, "A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of a Transition to New Economy-Will Japan lag behind Korea?"
Shumpei Takemori, Keio University

4. May 11, "Equilibrium Price Dispersion in a Matching Model with Divisible Money"
Kazuya Kamiya,  Tokyo University

5. May 18, "Determinants of R&D and Its Productivity; Identifying  Demand and Supply Channels"
Sadao Nagaoka,  Hitotsubashi University

6. May 25, "The Firm as a Legal Entity; Its Importance and Implications for Corporate Restructuring in Japan"
Hideshi Ito,  Hitotsubashi University

7. May 29,gInflation Targetting and Liquidity Taph
Bennett T. McCallum, Carnegie Mellon University

8.June 1, gTwo Patterns of Price Dynamics were Observed in Greenhouse Gases Emissions Trading Experiments; An Application of Point Equilibriumh,
Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Osaka University

9.June 8, gBayesian Analysis of Two-Piece Normal Regression Modelsh
Teruo Nakatsuma, Keio University

10.June 13, gSocial-Science Oriented Research on Japan in German-Speaking Countries:
Historical Development and New Trendsh
Regine Mathias, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

11.June 15, gAn Extension of Welfare Significance of Net Investment and Sustainable Developmenth
Ayumi Onuma, Keio University

12.June 26, gPremarital Living Arrangements and Marriage Timing: An Examination of the 'Parasaite Single' Hypothesish
James. M. Raymo, University of Wisconsin-Madison

13.June 29, gMoney Demand near Zero Interest Rate : Evidence from Regional Datah
Fujiki Hiroshi, Bank of Japan

14.June 29, gThe Fable of the Keiretsuh
Mark Ramseyer, Harvard University

15. July 13,gOn the Role of Government Expenditure in a Growing Economyh
Tadashi Inoue, University of Tsukuba 

16. July 27,gLiquidity, Asset Prices, and Monetary Policyh
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, London School of Economics

17. September 27,gSocial Security, Demographic Trends, and Economic Growth:
Theory and Evidence from the International Experienceh
Isaac Ehrlich, State University of New York at Buffalo

18. September 28,gBehavior V. Biology: How Important is Life Protection in Explaining the
Trend and Diversity of Life Expectancies Across Different Population Groupsh
Isaac Ehrlich, State University of New York at Buffalo

19.  October 12,gContagion of Currency Crises in Asiah
Takatoshi Ito, Hitotsubashi University 
Yuko Hashimoto, Keio University

20.  October 19,gA Proof of Ewerhart's Conjectureh
Makoto Shimoji, Yokohama National University

21.  October 23,gThe International Economics of the Kyoto Protocol after the Bonn Agreementh
Michael Grubb, Imperial College, U.K.

22.  November 2,gForgetfulness, Coherent Interium Player and Self- Deceptionh
Jeffrey J.  Kline, University of Tsukuba, Bond University

23.  November 9,gCommunication versus Delegation in Long-term Relationships and Step-by-step Promotionsh
Yasunari Tamada, Keio University

24.  November 16,gThe Use of Economics to Better Understand Environmental History:
 Institutional Analysis of the Dust Bowl of the 1930'sh
Gary Libecap, University of Arizona

25.  December 7,gOptimal Government Spending Composition in a Growing Economyh
Been-Lon Chen, Academia Sinica

26.  December 14,,gGame Theory and the Economics of Information: An Introductory Accounth
Hugo F. Sonnenschein, University of Chicago

27.  December  14,gRemarks on Commitment and Strategic Concealmenth
Hugo F. Sonnenschein, University of Chicago

28. January 11,gAbatement of Pollution and Endogenous Growthh
Yasunori Fujita, Keio University

29. January 26, "Frontiers of Development Economics"
Yujiro Hayami, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies(GRIPS)

30.  February 8, "Bertrand Price Competition leads to a Competitive Outcome under Free Entry"
Makoto Yano, Keio University


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