Past Seminars 2000 April - 2001 March
44, March 30,"Financing Education Using Optimal Redistributive Taxation" 
John Weymark, University of British Columbia

43, January  25,"Environmental Issues and Implications of Clean Development Mechanism for Developing Countries:A Case of Nepal" 
Dr. D.N. Tiwari, International Irrigation Management Institute

2, January  24,"Network Externalities, Competition and Welfare" 
Kotaro Suzumura, Hitotsubashi University

41, January  19,"Agglomeration and Growth with Migration and Knowledge Externalities" 
Masahisa Fujita, Kyoto University

40, January  16,"Toward a New Paradigm for Monetary Theory" 
Joseph Stiglitz, Stanford University

39, January  12,"Time-to-Build in Business Cycles: Limit Cycle and Resonance" 
Keiichiro Kobayashi, Ministry of International Trade and Industry

38, December 21, "Imperfect Observability if Emissions and Second-Best Emission and Output Taxes" 
Firouz Gahvari, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

37, December 15, "On Equilibria with Underemployment" 
Takeru Terao , Kitakyushu University

36, December 11, "Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis for Economic Theory and Policy" 
Joseph Stiglitz, Stanford University

35, December 8, "Emergence of New Industries and Endogenous Growth Cycles" 
Ryo Horii, ISER-Osaka University

34, December 1, "Reconstruction of Shanghai as an International Economic Center" 
Gu Jian-guang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

33. November 17, "Factor price equalisation : new insights"
Roger Guesnerie, Ecole Normal

32. November 17, gHow Do Japanese Wives Respond to the Allowance for Souses? A Structural Estimate of Labour Supply and A Test of Unitary Household Model.h
Hideo Akabayashi, Keio University

31. November 2, "Fluctuations and Potential in Search Equilibrium"
Michihiro Kandori, University of Tokyo

30. October 28, "Biography as A Guide to Understanding Adam Smith's Thought"             Ian S. Ross, University of British Columbia

29. October 27, "Strong Money Demand and Nominal Rigidity : Evidence from the Japanese Money Market" (with Kiyotaka Nakagami)
Makoto Saito, Osaka University

28. October 24, "Time Incosistent Preferences and Social Security"
Douglas Joines, University of Southern California

27. October 20, "Product Design: A Template for Alternative Theories of Organization and Management"
Michael Piore, MIT

26. October 3, "Social Stratification Identity and Gender: Determinants of Attitudes among Dual-Erner Couples in the U.S."
Kazuyo Yamaguchi, University of Chicago

25. September 29, "Identifying a Liquidity Effect in the Japanese Interbank Market"
Fumio Hayashi, University of Tokyo

24. August 31, "An Equivalence Theorem for the Anonymous Core"
Chiaki Hara, Cambridge University

23. July 27, "Keynesian Multipliers in a Dynamic Model of Monopolis tic Competition"
Masatoshi Yoshida, University of Tsukuba

22. July 26, "R&D and Technology Spillovers through Foreign Direct Investment in the Czech Manufacturing Firms"
Yuko Kimura, Charles University, PURAGUE

21. July 14, "Bargaining Equilibrium with Complexity"
Kazuhiko Mikami, Ryukoku University and Boston Univerisy

20. July 14, "A comparison between various currency system: Basket Currency, Flexible Exchange Rate, and the FIxed Exchange Rate System"
Naoyuki Yoshino, Keio University

19. July 7, "Entrepreneurial Ability, Market Selection, and Setting Up an Infant Indsutry: Theory and Evidence from the Cotton Textile Industry in Japan"
Sergei Braginsky, Yokohama City University

18. July 7, "Disintegration Cause of Death: A Critical Analysis of Infant and Child Mortality with Eurasian Date"
Renzo Derosas, University of Venice

17. July 7, "Doemstic Group Organization and Demographic in Eurasia, 1750-1900: A Reassessment of Metageography"
James Z. Lee, California Institute of Technology

16. July 5, "Monetary Policy of the United States"
Marvin Goodfriend, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

15. June 27, "Adam Smith: Plitics and Positive Virtue"
Knud Haakonssen, Boston University

14. June 23 "An Axiomatic approach to Principles of Morals"
Kouichi Suga, Waseda University

13. June 23. "A Comparative Study of Population Aging in Japan and Korea: In Relation to the Future Labor Shortage"
Ik Ki Kim, Visting Sophia University

12. June 16, "A Poisson Regression Model of Fatal Traffic Accidents Involving Small Passenger Sedans in Japan" "Estimation of the Female Labor Participation and Wage Equation Model"

11.Kazumitsu Nawata, Tokyo University
June 16, "Costly Monitoring and Interbank Competition for Deposits"
Satoshi Kawanishi, Sophia University

10. June 9, "Monetary Policy and the Term Structure of Interest Rates in Japan"
Etsuro Shioji, Yokohama National University

9. June 2, "Consistency Implies Equal Treatment"
Toru Hokari, Kyoto Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University

8. May 26,"Intertemporal Wage Schedules and Information Transmission in the Dynamic Moral Hazard Problem"
Kanji Muramatsu, Tokyo University

7. May 16,"Tools for Insights into Asian Corporate Organization and Business Behavior"
Tovah Ladier and Bryan Walser, Mansfield Center

6. May 12, "A Trade Model with Vertical Production Chain and Competition Policy in the Downstream Sector"
Fumio Dei, Kobe University

5. April 28 "A New Look at Diamond's Search Model: Stochastic Business Cycles and Equilibrium Selection"
Yoshimasa Shirai, Keio University

4. April 28, "The Effects of Maternal Education on Child Height: A Case Study for Viet Nam"
Chikako Yamauchi, University of Tsukuba

3. April 21, "Environmental Tax Reform and 'Double dividend' in the International Economy"
Takero Doi, Keio University

2. April 20, "Asian Financial Crisis and the Optimal Exchange Rate Policy"
Naoyuki Yoshino and Sahoko Kaji, Keio University

1. April 12, "Consumer and Luxury in 18th and 19th Century Britain"
Maxine Berg, Warwick University


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